Previous lab news 2017

28th August

Takashi Toda visited Toru Hirota’s laboratory at Cancer Institute of the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research (癌研究会).
Frank Uhlmann from the Francis Crick Institute also visited Hirota’s laboratory and gave a talk.

25th July

A new paper was published. This work was performed under collaboration with Dr Kazunori Kume and Dai Hirata.
“Identification of three signaling molecules required for calcineurin-dependent monopolar growth induced by the DNA replication checkpoint in fission yeast.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2017 Jul 25. pii: S0006-291X(17)31487-0. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2017.07.129. [Epub ahead of print]

25th July

Takashi Toda gava a talk at Toyama Prefectural University (富山県立大学)hosted by Professor Toshiyuki Sakai

Exploring the molecular mechanisms of cell division and chromosome segregation: yeast as a model organism to study human deceases)

20th and 21st July

Dr Masato Kanemaki, Professor at the National Institute of Genetics, gave a special lecture (遺伝子編集技術発展の歴史,背景,現状,未来,またその社会的意義について, Lecture on gene editing in terms of its history, updates and impact on the society to graduate school students of Department of Molecular Biotechnology, AdSMGraduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter. He also gave a talk in the 19th HiHA seminar. His title was 「オーキシンデグロン技術が切り開くヒト細胞における新たな染色体生物学」(A new frontier of chromosome biology in human cells implemented by Auxin-Degron technology)

10th July

Takashi Toda visited the Francis Crick Institute and met Dr Frank Uhlmann (a lab head, FRS) and Ms Ryoko Mandeville (a coordinator of Sir Paul Nurse’ visit to Hiroshima University this April).

23th June

18th HiHA seminar (co-organised as 3rd Genes to Cells seminar)

Date and Time:23 June(Friday)15:00-16:00
Venue:Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter Building, 3F Room 302S
Speaker:Professor Toshiyuki Sakaki
Affiliations: Laboratory of Biopharmaceutics, Department of Engineering, TOYAMA Prefectural University
Title:「 The molecular mechanisms of preventive effects of vitamin D against osteoporosis and cancer 」
Host:Takashi Toda

13th-15th June

Takashi Toda attended the 69th annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Cell Biology held in Sendai, and gave an oral talk and poster presentation, “Kinesin-5に依存しない新規紡錘体形成経路の探索:
Investigation of a Kinesin-5 independent pathway leading to bipolar spindle formation”.

30th May 2017

Takashi Toda gave a talk in Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University hosted by Professor Atsuhiko Ishida and Shinpei Tanaka. The title was “The cytoskeleton and Genome Instability “.

11th May
A new paper was published from Dr Takashi Toda’s group.

Purification and characterisation of the fission yeast Ndc80 complex
Protein Expression and Purification, 135 (2017) 61-69 DOI: 10.1016/j.pep.2017.05.002 (

This work was performed under international collaboration of four laboratories; Takashi Toda (Hiroshima University), Thomas Surrey (The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK), Martin R Singleton (The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK) and Sebastian Maurer (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain) .

14th-19th May 2017

Takashi Toda and Masashi Yukawa attended the 9th international Fission Yeast Meeting held at the Banff Centre in Canada. Masashi gave an oral talk (Assembly of Mitotic Bipolar Spindle in the Absence of Kinesin-5 Cut7) and Takashi gave a poster presentation (Towards the in vitro Reconstitution of the Kinetochore-Microtubule Interface).

In addition, Corinne Pinder, a graduate student in the Francis Crick Institute, London UK, whom Dr Toda has been remotely supervising from Hiroshima University and who currently belongs to Dr Paul Nurse’s group, also gave an oral prevention (Exploring the Mitotic Roles of Kinesin-8 in Fission Yeast).

22nd April 2017

Takashi Toda visited the National Institute of Genetics (Mishima) and discussed a research project on a temporal coupling between DNA replication and mitosis with an assistant professor Dr Kohji Hizume.

17th April 2017

Molecular mechanisms of genome stability control in cell proliferation: lessons from yeast

Takashi Toda gave a talk at Hotel Granvia. The title was “Molecular mechanisms of genome stability control in cell proliferation: lessons from yeast”. This seminar was hosted by Professor Kazuaki Chayama (the Division head of Gastroenterology, Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Science, Hiroshima University) and sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb K.K. as Hiroshima City B-type Hepatitis seminar series.

5th April 2017

A lecture meeting by Sir Paul Nurse was held at Hiroshima University Satake Memorial Hall. Over six hundred people attended the lecture and it was successfully completed. This has been taken up by the newspaper.

5th April 2017

Sir Paul Nurse visited our lab!

4th April 2017

On 4th Apr, 10th HiHA international Workshop (Cell Cycle Control and beyond
with Dr Paul Nurse and his ex-lab members) was held.

24th March 2017

Masaki Okazaki (M1) was awarded the best poster prize in the interim poster presentation for Master’s degree.


18th-20th March 2017

Masashi Yukawa had an oral presentation at the 2017 Annual Conference of the JSBBA, Kyoto women’s university.


13th-16th March 2017

Takashi Toda visited the Francis Crick Institute (13-16 March). He met Sir Paul Nurse and discuss detailed arrangement of Dr Nurse’s visit to Hiroshima University next month.

Takashi Toda also gave a talk (Exploring the molecular mechanism of mitotic progression: Something new from Hiroshima).

Takashi Toda discussed with Corinne Pinder about her research progress.

10th March 2017

On 10 Mar, 4th HiHA International Symposium was held.

1st March 2017

Ayaka Inada, technical staff joined our lab.

7th February 2017

Mitsuki Ohishi and Yasuhiro Teratani, new B4 students joined us.

3rd February 2017

Hiroyuki Ohkura, Professor of Cell Biology and Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow, the University of Edinburgh, gave a talk in 16th HiHA seminar.

1st February 2017

Takashi Toda, Masashi Yukawa and Yusuke Yamada visited the next-generation sequencing facility in Medical School in Hiroshima University, Kasumi campus and discussed a whole-genome sequencing of fission yeast.

23rd January 2017

A lecture meeting by Sir Paul Nurse will be held as follows.

13th January 2017

On 13 Jan, 9th HiHA International Workshop was held.

12th January 2017

Takashi Toda attended 34th Chromosome Workshop/15th Nuclear Dynamics Workshop held at Okura Akademia Hotel from 11th to 13th January. He gave a talk, “Towards in vitro Reconstruction and Visualisation of Kinetochore-Microtubule Interaction Interface (キネトコア-スピンドル微小管相互作用インターフェイスのin vitro再構築と可視化の試み)”.

The photo below was taken with organisers, Dr Hiroshi Masumoto (KAZUSA DNA Institute) and Dr Kiyoe Ura (Chiba University).