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3rd December 2020
Takashi Toda performed a poster presentation in the 43rd annual meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan.

The authros: Takashi Toda and Masashi Yukawa

The title: 「分裂酵母M期カタストロフ/cutはアクチン依存的な細胞核移動により回避される」 (Actin-dependent nuclear displacement leads to escape from mitotic catastrophe/cut in fission yeast)

This seminar was performed via internet (Webinar).

2nd December 2020
Takashi Toda hosted the lecture by Dr Akihiko Nakano in the forum session of the 43rd annual meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan.

The speaker: Dr Akihiko Nakano

Affiliations: Riken Center for Advanced Photonics, Team Leader and Vice Director

The title:「細胞内膜交通の超⾼時空間分解能ライブイメージング」 (Live imaging of intracellular membrane traffic at ultrahigh-spatiotemporal resolution)

This seminar was cosponsored by NPO, IIRS (認定特定⾮営利活動法⼈ 綜合画像研究⽀援)and performed via internet (Webinar).

Photo: left (Akihiko Nakano, speaker); right (Susumu Kawamoto, co-host)

24th November 2020
Takashi Toda hosted the 57th HIHA Seminar/Webinar by Dr Masato Kanemaki, Professorr at National Institue of Genetics, Mishima (国立遺伝学研究所).

The title: 「AID2は細胞及びマウス個体においてシャープなタンパク質分解制御を可能にする」 (AID2 enables regulatable sharp protein desctruction both in culturted cells and inside mice bodies)

This seminar was performed via internet (Webinar).

13th October 2020
Takashi Toda hosted the 55th HIHA Seminar/Webinar by Dr Tomomi Kiyomitsu, Associate Professor at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST, 沖縄科学技術大学院大学).

The title: 「急速タンパク分解で見えてきたRan依存的な紡錘体形成の仕組み」 (Mechanims of Ran-dependent mitotic spindle formation revealed by a rapid protein degradation system)

This seminar was performed via internet (Webinar).

6th October 2020
Takashi Toda hosted the 54th HIHA Seminar/Webinar by Dr Tomoya Kitajima, Team Leader at RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research, Kobe (BDR, 理化学研究所・生命機能科学研究センター).

The title: 「卵子における染色体分配」 (Mechanims of chromosome segregation in mammmalian oocytes)

This seminar was performed via internet (Webinar).

7th-9th September 2020
Takashi Toda and Masashi Yukawa attended 53rd annual meeting of Yeast Genetic Society of Japan (Online) and presented their works.

Oral talk

Takashi Toda: Escape from mitotic catastrophe by actin-dependent nuclear displacement in fission yeast

Masashi Yukawa: Functional analysis of the fission yeast RNA-binding proteins in bipolar spindle formation

28th August 2020
Takashi Toda hosted the 52nd HIHA Seminar/Webinar by Dr Yuu Kimata, Associate Professor at Shanghi Tech University, China.

The title: 「多細胞生物の細胞周期制御因子による細胞分化協調メカニズム」 (Coodination mechanisms of cell differenciation by cell cycle regulatory factors in multicellular organisms)

This seminar was performed via internet (Webinar).

21st July 2020
Masashi Yukawa hosted the 50th HIHA seminar by Dr Haruhiko Asakawa, Associate Professor at Osaka Unviersity,

The title: 核膜孔複合体: 分裂酵母に見られる特異的構造とその意義 (The Nuclear Pore Complex: Specific structure and its significance in the fission yeast)

This seminar was performed via internet (Webinar).

3rd July 2020
Takashi Toda hosted the 49th HIHA seminar by Dr Ryota Uehara, Associate Professor at Hokkaido University,

The title: 動物体細胞はなぜ二倍体でないといけないのか (Why do anima cells maintain diploidy?)

This seminar was performed via internet (Webinar).

15th June 2020
Ms Ohshita joined our group as a technical staff.

7th May 2020
A new paper from Drs Toda and Yukawa group was published in Cells online.

Authors: Masashi Yukawa, Yasuhiro Teratani and Takashi Toda
Titile: How essential Kinesin-5 becomes non-essential in fission yeast: force balance and microtubule dynamics matter

Journal: Cells (2020 ; 9(5): E1154)
URL: Cells /PubMed
DOI: 10.3390/cells9051154

1st April 2020
New B4 students, Kojiro Matsuo (松尾光治良、left) and Woo Sang Hwang (right) joined our group.

23rd March 2020
Master course students, Mitsuki Ohishi and Yasuhiro Teratani, successfully completed their courses and graduated from the university. Many congratulations. Well done, both of you.
Good luck in your new jobs and places.

24th February 2020
Takashi Toda visited the Francis Crick Institute and discussed research collaboration with Sir Paul Nurse (Director and CEO of the institute).

登田 隆教授が英国フランシス・クリック研究所を訪問し、研究所長のSir ポール・ナース博士と、国際共同研究について打ち合わせ会議をもちました。

18th February 2020
2nd year graduate students, Mitsuki Ohishi and Yasuhiro Teratani, presented their master course researches.

Mitsuki Ohish
(Exploring the roles for a novel RNA binding protein Nrp1 in fission yeast)

Yasuhiro Teratani
(Novel roles of fission yeast Kinesin-5 Cut7 in M phase)

13th February 2020
4th year undergraduate students, Tomoro Kaku and Tomoharu Tanaka, presented their graduation researches.

Tomoro Kaku
(Characterisation of the roles for RNA binding protein Rct1 in bipolar spindle assembly in fission yeast)

Tomoharu Tanaka
(Search for biologically active substances from plant symbiotic actinomycetes using fission yeast)

28th January 2020
Takashi Toda talked with Dr Takaaki Hirotsu and attended his seminar held in School of Medicine of Hiroshima University in central Hiroshima. The title of the seminar was “Business Enterprise by Researchers and Commercial Application of Worm-Based N-NOSE”.
Dr Hirotsu is a CEO of a venture company called HIROTSU Bioscience Co. He founded this company by which to commercialise his discovery on a cancer detection method (N-NOSE) using the worm, Caenorhabditis elegans.

(Photo: Dr Takaaki Hirotsu (left) and President of Hiroshima University Mitsuo Ochi)

18th January 2020
Dr Kin-ichiro (Kinny) Kominami (小南欽一郎) visited the lab and discuss with Takashi the possible commercial exploitation of our research. Kinny was one of the three researchers who went to London in 1994 with Takashi from Japan and work as a research scientist in ICRF (Imperial Cancer Research Fund, currently Francis Crick Institute). Kinny has been working in Nomura and then Mizuho Ltd. for a long time to advise and help researchers start venture companies to commercialise their researches, and recently founded his own company, Tech & FinStrategy Inc., in which he has been acting as President and CEO.

(Lower photo: From the left, Hajime Niwa, Takashi Toda, Kinny Kominami and Dai HIrata in Jul 1994)