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11th December 2021
Woosang Hwang (1st year graduate student) presented his research project at the master’s interim presentation.

Woosang Hwang
Study of the actin-dependent movement of the mitotic nucleus linked with the spindle assembly checkpoint in fission yeast

1st December 2021
Takashi Toda hosted the seminar remotely at the Forum session in the 44th annual meeting of the Molecular Biology Meeting of Japan held in Yokohama with a hybrid format.

The speaker: Professor Yukio Fujiki (University of Hyogo) (藤木幸夫兵庫県立大学・特任教授)
The title: Organelle homeostasis and its disorders (細胞小器官ペルオキシソームの形成機構と欠損症研究: オルガネラ病概念の確立)

25th November 2021
Takashi Toda attended the alumni meeting on-line organised by Professor Yoshimi Takai.

Photo: from the left to the right
Top row: Yoshimi Takai (Kobe University, Takashi Toda, Tohru Kataoka (Kobe University)
Middle row: Tadaomi Takenawa (Kobe University), Kazuma Tanaka (Hokkaido University), Fuyuhiko Tamanoi (Kyoto University)
Bottom row: Toshiaki Katada (Tokyo University), Kunihiro Matsumoto (Nogoya Uuniversity)

All of the attendants have/had been working on oncoprotein RAS and other G-proteins, by which they know each other very well.

6th November 2021
Takashi Toda hosted the 14th Workshop on visualisation techniques (on-line) organised by NPO-IIRS. The speaker was Dr Naomi Kamasawa. Dr Kamasawa works in the Florida Max Planck Institute for Neuroscience and is a team leader of the Imaging Center and Electron Microscopy facility within the institute. The title of her talk was “Prospects of Correlative light and electron microscopy in neuroscience researches (神経科学研究における光・電子相関顕微鏡法の可能性)”.

28th October 2021
A book entitiled “Encyclopedia of human genome” (ヒトゲノム事典, ISBN:978-4-910389-12-7, Isshiki publishing Co. 一色出版) will be published next month, in which Takashi Toda wrote Chapter 15.3, “Genes involved in chromosome segregation” (15.3 染色体分配に関係する遺伝子).

29th September 2021
Takashi Toda gave a seminar online to Japan Women’s University hosted by Dr Yumi Hoshino. Dr Hoshino used to work in Hiroshima University and moved to Japan Women’s University one and a half years ago.
The title: Understanding the mechanisms of cell division and chromosome segregation through microtubule functions- from basic research to its application (微小管機能から細胞分裂と染色体分配過程を理解する−基礎研究から応用まで−)

31st August-2nd September 2021
Takashi Toda, Masashi Yukawa and Woosang Hwang attended 54th annual meeting of Yeast Genetic Society of Japan (Online).
Masashi and Woosang presented their works.

Oral talk

Woosang Hwang: Analysis of the functional exchangeability between human Eg5 and fission yeast Cut7 using the fission-yeast expression system and its application for the development of Eg5 inhibitors

Masashi Yukawa: Study of the actin-dependent movement of the mitotic nucleus linked with the spindle assembly checkpoint

24th August 2021
Takashi Toda attended the HIRAKU-Global starter course for the 2nd cohort of HIRAKU-Global researchers. He acts as a mentor for this programme.

7th August 2021
Dr Yuzy Matsuo (松尾祐児), a former postdoc in Takashi’s lab in LRI, UK and currently a reseasrch scientist in MiRTeL Co. LTD (a venture company founded by Prof Hidetoshi Tahara, Hiroshima University), visited the lab.

16th July 2021
Takashi Toda gave a talk in the 199th meeting of the Yeast Cell Research Society(酵母細胞研究会) (on-line).
The titile: Exploring inhibitors against kinesins with anti-tumour activity using yeast expression system and their application to clinical study (酵母発現系を用いたキネシン阻害抗癌活性物質の探索とその臨床研究)

10th July 2021
The 92nd annual meeting of the Hiroshima Fermentation Society ( was held on-line. Takashi Toda serves as the president of this society. The annual meeting was followed by a series of open lectures by six alumni (graduated from Department of Fermentation Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Hiroshima University in 1991 and 1922).

19th June 2021
Takashi Toda received the 2nd shot of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

9th June 2021
Takashi Toda hosted the 66th HiHA Seminar/Webinar by Dr Toru Hirota, Chief scientist at Cancer Institute of the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research.

Speaker: Dr Toru Hirota(広田 享部長、公益法人がん研究会がん研究所 実験病理部)

Title: 染色体の安定性を保証する染色体分離の時空間的制御特性とその分子機構の解明 (Elucidation of the spatiotemporal regulation and the mechanism of chromosome separation that ensures chromosome stability)

This seminar was performed via internet (Webinar).

29th May 2021
Takashi Toda received the 1st shot of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. It went well without any adverse reactions except some pain in the arm where the vaccine was injected. The second jab will be scheduled three weeks time.

19th May 2021
Takashi Toda hosted the 65th HiHA Seminar/Webinar by Dr Kazuhide Asakawa, Associate Professor at Tokyo Medical University and National Institute of Genetics.

Speaker: Dr Kazuhide Asakawa(浅川和秀准教授)

Title: 光遺伝学でALSの謎に迫る (Investigating the mystery of ALS using optogenetics)

This seminar was performed via internet (Webinar).

12th May 2021
Takashi Toda hosted the 64th HiHA Seminar/Webinar by Dr Kozo Tanaka, Professor at Institute of Development, Ageing and Cancer, Tohoku University.

Speaker: Prof Kozo Tanaka(田中耕三教授)

Title: 染色体オシレーションによる染色体安定性維持機構 (Mechanisms of Chromosome Stability through Chromosome Oscillation)

This seminar was performed via internet (Webinar).

30th April 2021
A new paper was published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Authors: Masashi Yukawa, Mitsuki Ohishi, Yusuke Yamada and Takashi Toda

Title: The Putative RNA-Binding Protein Dri1 Promotes the Loading of Kinesin-14/Klp2 to the Mitotic Spindle and Is Sequestered into Heat-Induced Protein Aggregates in Fission Yeast.

Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2021; 22(9):4795
DOI: 10.3390/ijms22094795

21st April 2021
Takashi Toda hosted the 63rd HiHA Seminar/Webinar by Dr Fumio Motegi, Professor at Institute for Genetic Medicine, Hokkaido University.

Speaker: Fumio Motegi(茂木文夫教授)

Title: 受精卵の非対称パターン化を脱構築と再構築で理解する (Understanding the mechanism underlying the asymmetrical patternization of fertilized eggs from a view point of deconstruction and reconstruction)

This seminar was performed via internet (Webinar).

5th April 2021
A new paper was published in Pathology International. This work was performed under collaboration with laboratories of Prof Wataru Yasui, Prof Naohide Oue and Prof Hideki Ohdan (Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Hiroshima University) and Ken-ichi Kimura (Department of Agriculture, Iwate University).

Authors: Shintaro Akabane, Naohide Oue, Yohei Sekino, Ryuichi Asai, Pham Quoc Thang, Daiki Taniyama, Kazuhiro Sentani, Masashi Yukawa, Takashi Toda, Ken‐ichi Kimura, Hiroyuki Egi, Wataru Shimizu, Hideki Ohdan and Wataru Yasui

Title:KIFC1 regulates ZWINT to promote tumor progression and spheroid formation in colorectal cancer

Journal:Pathology International 2021; 71
DOI: 10.1111/pin.13098

1st April 2021
New members joined the lab.

B4: Jae Uk Hwang and Masahiro Kawasumi
M1: Sharmin Sultana (Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sharmin stays in Bangladesh and attend classes and lab activities on-line until she can receive visa and enter Japan)
Woo Sang Hwang is enrolled in a graduate school (M1).

The photo shows our first lab meeting performed on-line.

23rd March 2021
The fourth year undergraduate students, Woo Sang Hwang and Kojiro Matsuo, have finished the undergaraduate course.
Woo Sang Hwang will be enrolled in our graduate program from April.

20th March 2021
Masashi Yukawa attended the 2021 annual meeting of the JSBBA held in Sendai and had an oral presentation (Online).

Masashi Yukawa and Takashi Toda
Actin-dependent nuclear displacement leads to escape from mitotic catastrophe in fission yeast

湯川格史, 登田 隆

19th March 2021
Takashi Toda attended 1st HIRAKU-Global International Symposium as a panelist. He serves HIRAKU Global as an advisory board member.

This symposium was held on-line.

4th March 2021
Takashi Toda hosted the 62nd HiHA Seminar/Webinar by Dr Hitoshi Nakatogawa, Associate Professor at Integrated Research Institute, Tokyo Technology of University.

Speaker: Speaker: Hitoshi Nakatogawa(中戸川 仁准教授)

Title: オートファジーによるオルガネラ分解のメカニズム (Mechanism of organella degradation by authophagy)

This seminar was performed via internet (Webinar).

19th February 2021
Takashi Toda and Masashi Yukawa wrote a mini-review in March Issue of Experimental Medicine (実験医学).

Title: Dual regulation of the MAP kinase by heat shock chaperones(熱ショックシャペロンによるMAPキナーゼ経路の二面的制御)


16th February 2021
4th year undergraduate students, Kojiro Matsuo and Woo Sang Hwang, presented their graduation researches.

Kojiro Matsuo
(Development of advanced system to overexpress human cancer-related genes in fission yeast cells)

Woo Sang Hwang
(Functional analysis of Kinesin-5 motors required for assembly of the mitotic spindle)

12th February 2021
Takashi Toda hosted the 61st HiHA Seminar/Webinar by Dr Ryotaro Nishi, Associate Professor at Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Tokyo University of Technology.

Speaker: Ryotaro Nishi(西良太郎准教授)

Title: 核スペックルを介したDNA二本鎖切断の修復機構 (The repair mechanism of DNA double starnd break thorugh the nuclear speckle)

This seminar was performed via internet (Webinar).

22nd January 2021
Takashi Toda hosted the 59th HiHA Seminar/Webinar by Professor Daiju Kitagawa at Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tokyo.

Speaker: Professor Daiju Kitagawa (北川大樹教授)

Title: ヒト細胞における中心体複製機構と遺伝性疾患 (Mechanisms of centriole duplication in human cells and genetic disorders)

This seminar was performed via internet (Webinar).

21st January 2021
A new paper was published in iScience.

Authors: Masashi Yukawa, Yasuhiro Teratani and Takashi Toda.

Title: Escape from mitotic catastrophe by actin-dependent nuclear displacement in fission yeast.

Journal: iSciences 2021; 24(1):102031
DOI: 10.1016/j.isci.2020.102031

This work was featured in Hiroshima University HP at and, and also in the following three international URL sites (Eurekalert! at, Asia Research News at and Alpha Galileo at