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17th February 2018

A new paper on which Dr Corinne Pinder (a research scientist in Dr Takashi Toda group) is a co-author, was published.
The paper ‘LARP7 family proteins have conserved function in telomerase assembly’ appeared in Nature Communications online.
Dr Corinne Pinder was supported by a JSPS grant “Program for Advancing Strategic International Networks to Accelerate the Circulation of Talented Researchers”-funded 『Fostering international researchers through the collaborative research network focusing on the mechanisms of lifespan regulation』.

This work was performed in Dr Kazu Tomita group (University College London, London UK) under collaboration with groups in both London, UK (UCL and Imperial College) and Massachusetts, USA (Salem State University.
The work addresses the important question of telomerase regulation, a crucial enzyme in ageing and cancer, and differences in telomerase biogenesis between species. Specifically, fission yeast Lar7 is a conserved RNA-binding protein that protects telomerase RNA from degradation. Lar7 also stabilises the formation of the mature telomerase complex for its localisation to the telomere for stable genome propagation and healthy ageing.
Dr Corinne Pinder was currently supported by JSPS grant『Fostering international researchers through the collaborative research network focusing on the mechanisms of lifespan regulation』. Dr Kazu Tomita received PhD in Shizuoka University in the laboratory of Dr Masaru Ueno (currently a core member of HiHA).

Collopy LC, Ware TL, Goncalves T, S IK, Yang Q, Amelina H, Pinder C, Alenazi A, Moiseeva V, Pearson SR, Armstrong CA, Tomita K (2018). LARP7 family proteins have conserved function in telomerase assembly. Nat Commun 9, 557.


5th February 2018

A new manuscript from Takashi Toda group (collaboration with Dr Ken-ichi Kimora, Iwate University) was deposited to bioRxiv online.

Fission yeast cells overproducing HSET/KIFC1 provides a useful tool for identification and evaluation of human kinesin-14 inhibitors
Masashi Yukawa, Tomoaki Yamauchi, Ken-ichi Kimura and Takashi Toda




7th February 2018

Takashi Toda gave a talk at the National Institute of Basic Biology in Okazaki.
The title of the talk was “極東酵母の微小管日記 (Microtubule diary from far (y)east)”.


Taken with Dr Yoshiaki Kamata (left, Assistant Professor) and Dr Akira Yakashita (right, Associate Professor) at the Maruya Hatcho Miso factory (まるや、八丁味噌工場).

Taken with Dr Masayuki Yamamoto (the third from the right, Director of the NIBB) and Dr Tomomi Tsubouchi (the third from the left, a host, Associate Professor) at HASEBE, eel (うなぎ) restaurant..


Takashi Toda and Masashi Yukawa wrote a short review article in Experimental Medicine in Japanese (実験医学).

Title: タンパク質脱リン酸酵素の“えこ贔屓”:2A型ホスファターゼPP2A-B55はセリンよりスレオニンがお好き
(Favouritism of protein phosphatase: type 2A phosphatase-B55 prefers threonine to serine)

Experimental Medicine (実験医学)(2018) 36:No. 3, 402-404.

5th January 2018

Corinne Pinder (品田子鈴) joined the lab from the Francis Crick Institute as a research scientist.